Open Call Regular Draft

What you need to do:

Your task is to create a fashion illustration based on Delpozo F/W 2015 collection. Please be as whimsical and creative as you you can with your submission!

1) Please prepare an illustration (only 1) in .jpg or .png form. The file should be no more than 5MB (If you insist it has to be more than 5MB, please use Dropbox or WeTransfer and send me the link). You can only submit one illustration.
2) Send the illustration to (Please let me know which collection(s) you have used)
3) Tell me your name, and website (if you have one, that’s for blog post purpose)
4) Tell me your Instagram account so I can tag you. Optional if you have twitter account as well.
5) Make sure you follow Draw A Dot. (@DrawADot)
6) You will get a confirmation from me within 48 hours.

Note: The illustration you submit must not be previously liked by Delpozo instagram account. The purpose of this open call is to help illustrators to show their works to the designers and fashion houses.


Deadline and Publication Date:
Deadline is October 18th, 2015 11:59pm EST. Late submissions will not be accepted.

The top 9 illustrations will be released on the Draw A Dot. Instagram account on Ocrtober 22nd\, 23rd and 24th, 2015 (3 illustrations per day). Each of the selected illustrations will also get an individual post on the Draw A Dot. website


– In order to create a large impact on social media, resulting in more exposure for you, I encourage all illustrators wait and release their final illustrations together on Octoboer 22nd, 2015, and not before. By releasing/posting them all on the same day we increase our chances of taking it viral. All posts should be tagged #DrawADotDelpozo.

– You are of course encouraged to show your work in progress teaser images on social media platforms before Octoboer 22nd, 2015 to help build hype. All work in progress images should also be tagged #DrawADotDelpozo.

– By entering this open call, you agree to let Draw A Dot. to post your submission on their social media platforms.


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