Huely Socks

People who visit this site are more or less into graphic designs, and most of them are also big fans of fashion. If my assumption is right, then I am sure many of you are going to love Huely socks!


Huely is based in Toronto and each pair of socks is made in Canada. What I like the most about this brand is the blind boxing idea. When you purchase the socks, you will never know which pair you are going to get because it is packed in a box (just like those  BE@RBRICK toys).

In November 2014, the brand released Series 02: Street Art collection, which it collaborated with local Canadian street artists Anser, Darryl Graham, Justin Pape (WeKillYou),  Lazerhorse,  Paul Byron, Poser, SPUD1, and  Uber5000. Each pair is like a piece of art on your feet, and you can purchase a single pack, 3-pack, and 5-pack on the official site. Did I tell you this collection is limited edition too?


After showing you this interesting concept, I am sure some of you may want to get your hands on a pair (or more) of these Huely socks! If you live in USA and Canada, then you are going to love hearing this news!

Fusion of Effects, the sister site of Draw A Dot., is now hosting a giveaway and you can win 3 pairs of the series 2 Huely socks! If you like illustrations and socks, then you better click here and enter this giveaway! You have till February 13th 11:59pm EST to do it! Good luck!

Also, check out STM, another Draw A Dot.’s sister site, to know more about this brand! Stephen-Thomas, my blog partner, has done a more personal interview with Nate Kogan, the co-founder of Huely!


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