Draw A Dot. WITH

Draw A Dot. WITH is the section where you will see some original projectes I collaborate with different artists that will first debut on this site. Below you will find the general description of each project and clicking on each icon will bring you to the articles.

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Now let’s Draw A Dot. WITH…

From Runway To Sketch –  Milan S/S 2016
Collaborators: Marcus Kan x Paul Keng
Description: For this S/S 2016 fashion season, I have invited Paul Keng to work on some Milan Fashion Week runway illustrations. These illustrations are all done within the fashion week.MFWSS16

From Runway To Sketch –  London S/S 2016
Collaborators: Marcus Kan x  Mieket
Description: For this S/S 2016 fashion season, I have invited Mieket to work on some London Fashion Week runway illustrations. These illustrations are all done within the fashion week.Mieket-LFW-Spring-2016

From Runway To Sketch –  New York S/S 2016
Collaborators: Marcus Kan x  Charbel Abou Zeidan
Description: For this S/S 2016 fashion season, I have invited Charbel Abou Zeidan to work on some New York Fashion Week runway illustrations. These illustrations are all done within the fashion week.

Paper Queens
Collaborators: Marcus Kan x  Nuno Da Costa
Description: I am always attracted to playing cards and love how different artists interpret the Jacks, Queens and Kings differently. For this mini project, I want Nuno Da Costa to create 4 Queens based on his point of view and they are all dressed in the F/W 2015 collections.Draw-A-Dot-WITH-Paper-Queens-Banner

From Runway To Sketch – F/W 2015 Haute Couture
Collaborators: Marcus Kan x  Nadine Samarina
Description: For this F/W 2015 Haute Couture season, I have invited Nadine Samarina to illustrate some of the runway illustrations. These illustrations are all done within the fashion week.nadine-samarina-haute-couture-fall-2015-banner

The Gucci New Gang
Collaborators: Marcus Kan x  Camille Pfister
Description: Ever since Alessandro Michele became the creative director of Gucci, his collections have become one of the favourite subjects in the fashion illustration world. The clothes are more whimsical and full of great details. For this project, I invite Camille Pfister to illustration all of Alessandro‘s collections he has created so far.Gucci-New-Gang-Banner

Transcendence of a Rose
Collaborators: Marcus Kan x  Maruka
Description: For this mini series, Maruka and I invite you to follow the journey of a fairy. As a viewer, you will see 3 different F/W 2015 collections in this series. Transcendence-of-Rose-Banner

Pop! Stripes! Circles!
Collaborators: Marcus Kan x  Hey Harvey
Description: For this special mini project, I invited Hey Harvey to create illustrations based on Junya Watanabe and Balmain S/S 2015 collections. The task is to create a few images that are inspired by some of the legendary pop art artists.Hey-Harvey-Pop-Stripes-Circles-Banner

Enchanted Forest
Collaborators: Marcus Kan x  Gretchen Ellen Powers
Description: For the S/S 2015 Haute Couture season, Gretchen Ellen Powers and I have picked 4 pieces from 4 different designers, and Gretchen‘s task is to use her imagination to dress up 4 fairytale characters. Animals included!

From Runway To Sketch – Paris F/W 2015 
Collaborators: Marcus Kan x  Aaron Favaloro
Description: For this F/W 2015 fashion season, I have invited Aaron Favaloro to work on some Paris Fashion Week runway illustrations. These illustrations are all done within the fashion week.

From Runway To Sketch – Milan F/W 2015
Collaborators: Marcus Kan x  JSK
Description: For this F/W 2015 fashion season, I have invited JSK to work on some Milan Fashion Week runway illustrations. These illustrations are all done within the fashion week.

From Runway To Sketch – London F/W 2015
Collaborators: Marcus Kan x  Pippa McManus
Description: For this F/W 2015 fashion season, I have invited Pippa McManus to work on some London Fashion Week runway illustrations. These illustrations are all done within the fashion week.Pippa-London-Fall-2015-banner

From Runway To Sketch – New York F/W 2015
Collaborators: Marcus Kan x  Francesco Lo Iacono
Description: For this F/W 2015 fashion season, I have invited Francesco Lo Iacono to work on some New York Fashion Week runway illustrations. These illustrations are all done within the fashion week.

The Mutant Cards
Collaborators: Marcus Kan x Roberto Sánchez x Svetlana Makarova
Description: Gareth Pugh, Iris Van Herpen and Comme des Garçons are 3 of the most interesting collections in the S/S 2015 season. They remind people of magic, mutation, and super natural power. For this series, I invited Roberto Sánchez and Svetlana Makarova to create their versions of these mutants in game card form.

Froston Takes On Fashion Week
Collaborators: Marcus Kan x Frostontina
Description: Back in September 2014, while I was on Instagram browsing some great fashion illustrations, I met an interest character named Froston. She is a lovely boston terrier and dresses fashionably. After the fashion week madness, I approached her owner Frostontina and decided we should work on this mini series together.

Viktor & Rolf Alphabet
Collaborators: Marcus Kan x Elena Mompó
Description: I am a huge fan of Viktor & Rolf, and all their collections are very artistic and beautifully done. Since the launched of this site, I have been hoping to work on a retrospective project based on this fashion house. Here is the A-Z of this amazing fashion house!

New Old Tales
Collaborators: Marcus Kan x Svetlana Makarova
Description: Both Dolce & Gabbana and Alexander McQueen F/W 2014 collections have the fairytale theme, but with a dark twist, and I want to combine them together to make an interesting story. For this particular project, I decided to ask Svetlana Makarova to come on board for this joy ride.

Taste of Fashion
Collaborators: Marcus Kan x Simone Antonello
Description: For the F/W 2014 season, both Chanel and Moschino collections are somehow related to food. In this mini series, Simone and I will show you how the Chanel girl interacts with the Moschino girl in 3 different scenarios. It’s sweet and fun!

World MasterCard Fashion Week F/W 2014 LIVE Runway Sketches
Collaborators: Marcus Kan x Lisa Nishimura x Octavio Contreras x Stephanie McKay
Description: With last season’s success, I have once again invited few of my illustrator friends to live sketch some runway shows at World MasterCard Fashion Week. This time, I have teamed up with IMG and Sony to show you what these talented illustrators can do during a live runway show.

From Runway To Sketch – Milan F/W 2014
Collaborators: Marcus Kan x Domenico Cordua
Description: For this Milan F/W 2014 Fashion Week, I have invited Domenico Cordua to illustrate some of our favourite collections. These illustrations all happened within the fashion week.

From Runway To Sketch – New York F/W 2014
Collaborators: Marcus Kan x Ewelina Dyrnek
Description: For this New York F/W 2014 Fashion Week, I have invited Ewelina Dyrnek to illustrate some of our favourite collections. These illustrations all happened within the fashion week.

S/S 2014 Backstage Fantasy
Collaborators: Marcus Kan x Studio Fantasma
Description: In this series, Studio Fantasma and I are going to explore the backstage actions of some of the S/S 2014 runway shows. Each backstage will have a fantasy twist to reflect the aesthetic of the particular collection.

The Orange Dot Project
Collaborators: Marcus Kan x Various Illustrators:
Description: This is the anniversary project for Draw A Dot.. Each year, I will invite few illustrators to each work on a piece based on the orange dot and a soundtrack. Come celebrate with us!

Accesorize Me
Collaborators: Marcus Kan x Natalia Jhete
Description: This series is about some of the hottest accessories in the S/S 2014 season and we have paired them with Natalia‘s unique fashionable characters. This is the first time Draw A Dot. has an original series combining photos and illustrations together.

Marc Jacobs’ LV Fantasy
Collaborators: Marcus Kan x Shamekh
Description: For this seriesi project, I have teamed up with Shamekh and we are going to revisit some of the most iconic Louis Vuitton runway shows from the Marc Jacobs‘ era. If you remember the Spring 2014 show, there were actually some famous “landmarks” from the previous shows, and we have decided to use them as the backdrop of this series.

The Hidden Memories
Collaborators: Marcus Kan x Sunny Gu
Description: In this series, Sunny and I are going to pick some of the best F/W 2013 accessories and create scenes based on the vibe of each collection. These illustrations are quite surreal and really showcase the illustrator’s unique illustration style.
the hidden memories

The Surface of Toronto Fashion Week
Collaborators: Marcus Kan x Lisa Nishimura x Jocelyn Teng x Benjamin Edward x BENDA
Description: For the S/S 2014, I have invited a few talented Canadian illustrators to take part of this interesting project. For 5 days, they will be attending Toronto Fashion Week and do some live runway sketches at different shows using the Microsoft Surface tablet with the Fresh Paint program.

David Bowie Is @ AGO
Collaborators: Marcus Kan x Lisa Nishimura x Benjamin Edward
Description: The David Bowie Is exhibition is at AGO from September 25 to November 27, 2013 and I have invited 2 amazing illustrators to combine the AGO element to 2 of Bowie’s iconic looks.

The Face Palette
Collaborators: Marcus Kan x Carolyn Weber
Description: This is the 10th Draw A Dot. WITH project and I have invited Carolyn Weber to be part of it. For this series, we are focusing on some of the F/W 2013 beauty looks and with Carolyn‘s surreal portrait style, we promise you will be inspired by these illustrations!

The Fashion City Dreams of Susu Girls
Collaborators: Marcus Kan x JSK
Description: For this series, The Susu Girls are going on a fashion world tour and we are invited to come along. JSK has dressed his the girls in the iconic pieces from the F/W 2013 collections. Let the tour begin!

Givenchy Elements
Collaborators: Marcus Kan x WIll Blower
Description: In this series, Will and I have gone back to the Givenchy by Riccardo Tisci archives and  brought back some of the signature elements from selected collections to life!

Manga Legends
Collaborators: Marcus Kan x Cristian Grossi
Description: For this series, we are going back to the 80s and 90s era to bring back some of the most iconic manga (Japanese comics) characters back to the present time. These characters will be dressed in the S/S & F/W 2013 collections! Welcome to the magical journey!
The Manga Legends

Marc vs Marc
Collaborators: Marcus Kan x Velwyn Yossy
Description: Marc Jacobs has been creating amazing collections for both his brand and Louis Vuitton for the past years and some of them share the same DNA of the season. In this series, we are going to pick a few seasons and compare them.

Dance WITH Hello Claire 
Collaborators: Marcus Kan x Hello Claire 
Description: Claire Thompson‘s works always contain a very energetic vibe so for this particular series, we have come up with 6 looks from 6 different S/S 2013 collections and each will represent a type of dance. The 7th look will be Claire’s original creation and will tide in nicely with the other 6 looks.

Soul Voyage
Collaborators: Marcus Kan x Roberto Sánchez
Description: Do you believe in a world from another dimension? This series is about a person named Lamont looking for the new mysterious world and the clothing pieces are  based on the Louis Vuitton F/W 2013 menswear collection. Roberto Sánchez‘s illustrations will get you excited for this mysterious journey.

Fairytale: Magic of Couture
Collaborators: Marcus Kan x Alice Le
Description: Alice Le is famous for her fairytale inspired fashion illustrations and in this series, we are going to reinterpret some famous fairytale characters in S/S 2013 Haute Couture. They will not look like the ones you have seen in Disney movies. Get ready to be inspired.

The JT Odyssey Experience
Collaborators: Marcus Kan x Gerardo Larrea 
Description: To celebrate the release of Justin Timberlake‘s latest album, The 20/20 Experience, we have created a series to highlight some of the songs in this album. Gerado will be dressing Justin Timberlake in some of the most iconic S/S 2013 menswear suits and be prepared for a refreshing fantasy space experience.

Couture Melodies 
Collaborators: Marcus KanDesiree A.J.H Harig x John Anthony
Description: In this series, we are going to explore the relationship between fashion and music. While Desiree will dress one of the singers in the latest Haute Couture collection, John will provide a soundtrack to go along with the illustration. This is the art version of food and wine pairing.

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