Draw A Dot. WITH – Invasion of the Mutants Submission

Do you want to be a part of a Draw A Dot. WITH project? Do you want your work to be seen by many people on Instagram? If so, this is your chance! I will be picking 3-6 illustrations from this contest!


Gareth Pugh, Iris Van Herpen and Comme des Garçons are 3 of the most interesting collections in the S/S 2015 season. They remind people of magic, mutation, and super natural power. They are fighters, and form their own tribes. They don’t belong to this universe, but have decided to meet in this dimension to explore planet Earth.

For this Draw A Dot. WITH series, I want to invite readers to witness this journey with your illustration.


– You must pick at least 2 collections (or all 3) for this contest
– The illustration should be creative and have an editorial element (think of magazine editorials)
– Give each character a special ability to fit the mutant quality.
– Once your illustration is shown on Instagram, I will then send you a few questions based on the piece. They will be included in the upcoming posts.
– The winning illustrations will first be shown on Instagram, then there will be an individual post on each piece from December to March.

Make sure…
– The illustration you submit MUST NOT be shown on any social media platforms or sites before it is published on Draw A Dot. Instagram. Fail to follow this rule will be disqualified automatically.


Please send your submission to marcus@fusionofeffects.com with the following information:
– Name
– Website
– Instagram account

Dates to remember:
– Submission deadline is November 23rd, 2014, 11:59pm EST
– The illustrations will be shown on Instagram on November 27, 2014 (and possibly 28th as well)
– The posts will be on Draw A Dot. between December to March

Invasion-of-the-Mutatns-2Courtesy of Style.com

Let the fun begin! Good luck!


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