Curated.Works: From Runway To Sketch Paris S/S 2016 Part 1 by Nicolas Navarro Rueda

It’s almost the end of the Fashion Week month and for the Paris segment, I have invited Nicolas Navarro Rueda to illustrate some iconic looks from the S/S 2016 collections!

Nicolas-Navarro Rueda-Dior-Spring-2016-1Dior

Dior, Jacquemus and Undercover are the subjects in this first wave. I like Nicolas’ illustration style because it reminds me of children’s drawings but the girls look mysterious and somewhat alien-like . The clothes he picked are beautiful and they fit the aesthetic of the girls very well. I just can’t wait for wave 2!

Nicolas-Navarro Rueda-Dior-Spring-2016-2 Dior

Nicolas-Navarro Rueda-Dior-Spring-2016-3 Dior

Nicolas-Navarro Rueda-Jacquemus-Spring-2016-1 Jacquemus

Nicolas-Navarro Rueda-Jacquemus-Spring-2016-2  Jacquemus

Nicolas-Navarro Rueda-Undercover-Spring-2016Undercover
Courtesy of Nicolas Navarro Rueda

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