Curated.Works: Paper Queens – Queen of Clubs

The Paper Queens series continues with this piece of great illustration! Today, Nuno and I are introducing you to our Queen of Clubs!

In our version, the Queen of Clubs is wearing an outfit from the Junya Watanabe F/W 2015 collection. The outfit creates an abstract shape of the symbol and this girl looks very dark and powerful. If the Queen of Hearts did not exist in the Alice in Wonderland world, I believe she would be a good fit for the role to be villain.

Courtesy of Nuno Da Costa

Here are 2 questions I have for Nuno regarding this illustration.

Your version of Queen of Clubs is probably the darkest in this series. Why is that? 
Yes, she is isn’t she? It’s an instinctive thing. My drawings are always driven by instinct. It felt right. This one needed to be strong.

Junya Watanabe has evolved over the years. In your opinion, which collection is the most memorable? Do you think his designs are closing the gap between art and fashion?
Junya‘s evolution has been really interesting to watch. He always retains his identity throughout though. I’m a big admirer of his work so it is probably too hard to choose a single collection. I love his monochromatic collections and his F/W collections especially. F/W 2009 is pretty spectacular and of course F/W 2015 worn by our Queen. I think it is always really tempting to say that Junya‘s work is art because it is progressive and challenging but I think his work exists in a place beyond that. Junya‘s work is fueled by technological advancements in fabrics and textiles which, to me, gives it a very grounded and almost practical or utilitarian quality despite it’s initial impression.

Stay tuned for the last Queen!

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