Curated.Works: Transcendence of a Rose – Part 3

Part 3 of the Transcendence of a Rose series is here and it looks like the fairy may have found someone special.

In this piece, the mystery male character finally reveals his face and it looks like he is a prince from an unknown world (he is dressed in an outfit from the Givenchy F/W 2015 collection). The fairy is clearly attracted to him as you can see her Alexander McQueen F/W 2015 gown is starting to transform. Will this turn into a happy ending? We will have to find out next month.

Marian-Jimenez-Alexander-McQueen-Givenchy-Fall-2015Courtesy of Maruka

Here is Maruka‘s description on this piece:

“Unexpectedly, a new discovery turned into a faithful encounter. Perhaps this encounter will bring our fairy forth into a new light…”

The next piece will be the finale of this series. Are you excited to see it?

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