Curated.Works: Paper Queens – Queen of Hearts

Last month, I showed you the first piece of my collaboration with Nuno Da Costa and it is the Queen of Spades. Today, it’s time to show you the 2nd piece of this Paper Queens series.

For this illustration, The Queen of Hearts is dressed in one of the gowns from the Alexander McQueen F/W 2015 collection. She looks regal and her eyes are so attractive to look at. Personally, I hope she is casting a love spell on me so I can find my true love!

Courtesy of Nuno Da Costa

Here are 2 questions I have for Nuno about this illustration.

If this Queen had a special power, what would it be? Why did you choose that?
If this Queen had a special power it wold be the power to turn people to stone with her stare. It’s all about the eyes.

What do you think of Sarah Burton’s Alexander McQueen collections? Do you think the F/W 2015 collection is going back to the Lee Alexander McQueen’s dark romantic route?
I absolutely love Sarah Burton‘s direction at Alexander McQueen. It must be such a daunting thing to wake up one day knowing that you have all these expectations on you and I think she has navigated that really well. She is doing a wonderful job of respecting and honouring Lee McQueen‘s memory and the heritage of the house whilst also injecting her own sensitivity into the label. Male and Female designers can’t help but view garments differently and that is definitely reflected in the collections steered by Burton, possibly more so in the styling and accessories than in the clothing. Burton‘s feminine sensibility is a wonderful counterbalance to the dark gothic references that have always been present throughout McQueen‘s history. They seem to have come together especially successfully and beautifully in the fall winter 2015.16 collection which was held in the suitably gothic ‘La Conciergerie’, a former prison which held Marie Antoinette. Burton‘s initial inspiration of faded roses was given a dark edge not just by the venue but also by the Edwardian shapes and styling which permeated throughout. Beautiful.

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