Curated.Works: The Gucci New Gang – Cruise 2016

Last month, I showed you the first piece of The Gucci New Gang mini project (a collaboration with Camille Pfister) and I hope you enjoyed it! Today, it’s time to unveil the 2nd piece!

This illustration is inspired by the looks of the Gucci Cruise 2016 collection. Once again, I love Camille‘s girls, and the details in this piece are simply breathtaking! This time, it looks like the girls are discussing the handbags!

Camille-Pfister-Gucci-Cruise-2016Courtesy of Camille Pfister

Just like the previous post, I have 2 questions to ask Camille about this piece.

Why did you particularly pick these 4 outfits?
I first study the whole collection. I select my favourite looks as well as those that are graphically speaking the most interesting. After that first selection, I group those matching best in terms of colours. I finally check that the details and fabrics of the looks are diverse and represent the vibe of the collection.

If you were one of the girls, which one would you be? What kind of things do you think you would say to the other 3 girls?
I am the girl with purple skirt. She is daydreaming and asks: “Girls, have you ever wonder if you could be someone else, living a different life in another place?”

Stay tuned for the next part!


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