Curated.Works: From Runway To Sketch – F/W 2015 Haute Couture Part 1 by Nadine Samarina

I am so excited to announce that Nadine Samarina is currently collaborating with me on a Draw A Dot. WITH mini project!

nadine-samarina-atelier-versace-fall-2015Atelier Versace

For this week, Nadine‘s task is to illustrate some of the F/W 2015 collections from the Haute Couture week. I always love Nadine‘s illustration style because her characters are whimsical and she knows how to capture the detail elements of the clothing. In here, we have the best looks from Atelier Versace and Ulyana Sergeenko.

Stay tuned and see which collection Nadine will illustrate next!

nadine-samarina-ulyana_sergeenko-fall-2015Ulyana Sergeenko
Courtesy of Nadine Samarina

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