Illustration.Files: Matthew Gallagher F/W 2015 Digital Illustrations by Matthew Gallagher

As a friend of Matthew Gallagher, I am very lucky to be one of the guests to witness his winning collection at the TFI New Labels Competition last week. If you are a fan of this site, you probably have seen his F/W 2015 sketches I posted last week. Today, I would like to show you a little project we did yesterday.


Ever since I started using the Microsoft Surface Pro 3 Tablet, I have been constantly asking illustrators and designers to test drive the Fresh Paint program. Yesterday I asked Matthew to create 2 quick sketches based on his F/W 2015 collection with the program, and the results are below.

As a person who only had 20 minutes to try out this program with no experience before, I have to say these sketches are pretty amazing. I can still see the signature elements of the outfits clearly in these images. I believe if Matthew could keep this tablet for a week, he would probably create some amazing works.


Matthew-Gallagher-Fall-2015-2Courtesy of Matthew Gallagher


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