Illustration.Files: Thom Browne S/S 2015 Fashion Illustration by Michele Moricci

As a fan of Thom Browne‘s works, I always find the menswear collection has a touch of feminine vibe. If that does not come across to you, then this illustration will do the job!

Michele-Moricci-Thom-Browne-Spring-2015Courtesy of Michele Moricci

The men illustrated by Michele Moricci always have a hint of vulnerable quality and it really shows in this particular illustration. Even though the Thom Browne man is dressed in the “muscle suit” from the S/S 2015 collection, because of the facial features and the pink background, viewers may still find him to be very vulnerable and carry a slightly feminine vibe.  If you are into Japanese culture, I am sure you will also find Michele‘s illustration style for this particular piece is very similar to Japanese manga.

Overall, I really like this illustration, as it shows a totally different side of the collection.


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