Illustration.Files: Alexander McQueen F/W 2009 Fashion Illustration by Mahyar Kalantari

Alexander McQueen F/W 2009 collection always has a special spot in my mind. It is dark, and the designer pokes fun of other brands by recreating some of their iconic silhouettes in his own vision. Mahyar Kalantari is also a fan, and here is his interpretation of the collection in illustration form.

Mahyar-Kalantari-Alexander-McQueen-Fall-2009Courtesy of Mahyar Kalantari

This gown is one of the most iconic gowns in Lee Alexander McQueen era. I love how Mahyar shows the smoothness of the fabric, and also keep the gown very puffy. The background is actually inspired by the F/W 2009 runway setting, and I love how all the dark objects create a big contrast against the gown. Did I mention the model in this illustration is based on Tilda Swinton?

To me, this illustration is perfect! What do you think?


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