Curated.Works: The Mutant Cards – Part 1

Gareth Pugh, Iris Van Herpen and Comme des Garçons are 3 of the most interesting collections in the S/S 2015 season. They remind people of magic, mutation, and super natural power. They don’t belong to this universe, but have decided to meet in this dimension to explore planet Earth.

For this Draw A Dot. WITH series, I invited Roberto Sánchez and Svetlana Makarova to create their versions of these mutants in game card form. For the first pair, we have Roberto‘s version of Comme des Garçons mutant and Svetlana‘s version of Iris Van Herpen mutant.


Want to learn more about each character? Read the following paragraphs below!

Comme des Garçons: The Heart
With its piercing glance the Heart can see through anything, finding truth behind masks and appearances. As she moves with her enormous coat, she represents the purest embodiment of warmth and love. But don’t ever underestimate her, she might look fragile, but she will always find a way to defeat a cold soul.

Roberto-Sanchez-Comme-des-Garcons-Spring-2015Courtesy of Roberto Sánchez

Iris Van Herpen: The Ice Queen
From the planet of Ice, the Ice Queen’s super power is her ability to turn anything and anyone into one of 3 forms: ice, steam or water. She can also turn herself into steam to travel around the world like a cloud.

Svetlana-Makarova-Iris-Van-Herpen-Spring-2015Courtesy of Svetlana Makarova

Which character do you like more? Keep an eye on this site as I will unveil the 2nd set of the mutant cards soon!



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