Curated.Works: Alexander Wang x H&M Fashion Illustrations

I have to say the Alexander Wang x H&M collection is one of the most anticipated collections in this year. To celebrate the launch of it on November 6, 2014, Draw A Dot. has teamed up with H&M Canada for an open call, and we are very pleased with all the submissions. The illustrations below are my 12 favourites and please head to Draw A Dot. Facebook Page at midnight November 6 (EST time) to see the complete series!


Also, make sure you visit my sister site Fusion of Effects to see all of H&M Canada‘s favourites!

Well done illustrators!

Aaron FavaloroAaron-Favaloro-Alexander-Wang-HM

Amanda LeeAmanda-Lee-Alexander-Wang-HM


Gabriello De SurrGabriello-De-Surr-Alexander-Wang-HM


Kasia ReiKasia-Rei-Alexander-Wang-HM

 Mélique StreetMelique-Street-Alexander-Wang-HM

 Michele MoricciMichele-Moricci-Alexander-Wang-HM


Soleil IgnacioSoleil-Ignacio-Alexander-Wang-HM

Roberto SánchezRoberto-Sanchez-Alexander-Wang-HM

Here is one animation created by Johnathan Hayden:

Johnathan Hayden Alexander Wang HM


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