#TakeoverDrawADot – JSK & Susu Girls

#TakeoverDrawADot is a brand new series specifically created for the instagram account. The rule is simple – an artist is going to takeover Draw A Dot. instagram account for 24 hours, and he/she will have to answer 5 questions with illustrations. It is an honour to have JSK as the first guest (he and his Susu Girls took over Draw A Dot. Instagram account on September 9th, 2014).


Here are the 5 questions and answers:

JSK’s own self portrait: JSK-Takeover-Draw-A-Dot-Self-Portrait

JSK’s own favourite piece to date: F/W 2013 Milan Collection JSK-Takeover-Draw-A-Dot-Milan-Fall-2013

JSK’s favourites: Mahyar Kalantari (left),Shamekh (middle), Ignasi Monreal (right) JSK-Takeover-Draw-A-Dot-Favourites

JSK’s current fashion obsession: Louis Vuitton F/W 2014 Petite MalleJSK-Takeover-Draw-A-Dot-Louis-Vuitton-Fall-2014

JSK’s nomination: ShamekhJSK-Takeover-Draw-A-Dot-NominationAll illustrations are courtesy of JSK (except the JSK Favourites)

If you want to read the detailed answer of each illustration, please follow Draw A Dot. instagram. Also, make sure you follow JSK instagram account to see more of his amazing works!


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