Curated.Works: Viktor & Rolf Alphabets (Part 2)

Last month, I showed you the first batch of Viktor & Rolf Alphabets created by  Elena Mompó, and now it is time to show you the next 5 letters.


In this batch of alphabets, we have the following pieces: Fall 2014 as “I”, Spring 2010 as “L”, Spring 2011 as “M” & “T”, and Resort 2014 as “Y”. The illustrated details of the illustrations are incredible, and I love how Elena shows the “alphabet” of each outfit.

Now that you have 10 alphabets from this series, what word can you create?

Elena-Mompo-Viktor-and-Rolf-Fall-2014-I I (Fall 2014)

Elena-Mompo-Viktor-and-Rolf-Sping-2010-L L (Spring 2010)

Elena-Mompo-Viktor-and-Rolf-Spring-2011-M M (Spring 2011)

Elena-Mompo-Viktor-and-Rolf-Spring-2011-T T (Spring 2011)

Elena-Mompo-Viktor-and-Rolf-Resort-2014-YY (Resort 2014)
Courtesy Elena Mompó

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