Illustration.Files: S/S 2015 Menswear Fashion Illustrations by Marat Salimzhanow

I have my eyes on Marat Salimzhanow‘s works for awhile ever since he posted the S/S 2015 menswear illustrations on his instagram account. Today, I just want to show some of my favourites from that series.

Marat-Salimzhanow-Alexander-McQueen-Spring-2015Alexander McQueen

I like Marat‘s watercolour style a lot, as he captures the vibe of each collection flawlessly. The digital background creates an interesting contrast against the watercolour illustrated model as this combination shows how the new digital medium blends well with the traditional one.

I am looking forward to seeing more amazing works by Marat in the new future!

Marat-Salimzhanow-Bobby-Abley-Spring-2015 Bobby Abley 

Marat-Salimzhanow-Burberry-Prorsum-Spring-2015 Burberry Prorsum

Marat-Salimzhanow-Givenchy-Spring-2015 Givenchy

Courtesy of Marat Salimzhanow


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