Illustration.Files: F/W 2013 Fashion Illustrations by Yana Protasova

Yana Protasova submitted her portfolio to me yesterday, and instantly, I fell in love with her F/W 2013 fashion illustrations.

Yana-Protasova-Dolce-and-Gabbana-Fall-2013Dolce & Gabbana

There is something very special about Yana‘s works. Her style is very soft and brings out the feminine vibe of the clothing flawlessly. In many of the pieces, the artist only illustrated the main details of the garment and this leaves you with your imagination to complete the entire picture.

Such an amazing series and I cannot wait to see what Yana has in store next!

Yana-Protasova-Chanel-Fall-2013 Chanel

Yana-Protasova-Alberta-Ferretti-Fall-2013Alberta Ferretti

Yana-Protasova-Giles-Fall-2013 Giles

Yana-Protasova-Nicolas-Andreas-Taralis-Fall-2013 Nicolas Andreas Taralis 

Yana-Protasova-Nicole-Miller-Fall-2013 Nicole Miller 

Prabal Gurung

Yana-Protasova-Rodebjer-Fall-2013 Rodebjer

Yana-Protasova-Vionnet-Fall-2013 Vionnet

Yana-Protasova-Vivienne-Westwood-Fall-2013Vivienne Westwood
Courtesy of Yana Protasova 


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