Illustration.Files: London Fashion Week F/W 2014 Fashion Illustrations by David Andrews

I have been really addicted to digital fashion illustrations in the past few months, especially the raw and organic ones. Today, I found the works of David Andrews, and they are beautiful raw gems.


These digital illustrations are based on 3 collections during F/W 2014 London Fashion Week. They are raw, yet full of motion vibes. Because of the overlapping “brush strokes”, I find David‘s pieces to be very dynamic.

Based on these illustrations, I strongly believe David will continue to evolve his illustration style and it seems like digital medium is his best weapon. Believe me, digital art could possibly be the new form of pop art and David is definitely on the right track.


David-Andrews-Edeline-Lee-Fall-2014-1Edeline Lee

David-Andrews-Edeline-Lee-Fall-2014-2 Edeline Lee

Zoe Jordan AW14 #1 Zoë Jordan

Zoe Jordan AW14
Zoë Jordan
Courtesy of David Andrews


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