Curated.Works: Givenchy Elements – Fall 2014

The Givenchy Elements project is finally coming to an end, and Will Blower once again amazed me with this fantastic F/W 2014 illustration!

As you know, this collection is inspired by the basketball game, so there are a lot of sporty and interesting sport print pieces. This illustration reflects the theme of this collection nicely (the basketball court print, no. 17 and the sporty dress shirt collar) and I like the composition a lot. The red and black lines help me to refocus on the model and his expression is telling the viewers that he is ready for a serious ball game!

Will-Blower-Givenchy-Fall-2014Courtesy of Will Blower

Now let’s read what Will has to say about this piece and the project.

I know that this illustration is inspired by look 52 from the collection. Why did you choose this particular look?
I love the clean graphic lines, and I think this print is a clear representation of the basketball theme of the collection.

What items do you want to own from this collection?
My favourite item was actually the sweatshirt Ricardo Tisci was wearing when he took his bow. I really hope it goes into production.

Now that you have concluded the series, which illustration is your favourite? Will you consider to work on the womenswear series in the future?
Of course! Draw A Dot. is one of my favourite websites, and it’s been an honour to contribute work to it. Givenchy womenswear has had some really fantastic collections that will be a lot of fun to draw.
My favourite piece I’ve done so far is the Fall 2012 illustration, as I love the red background, but the best is yet to come.

Thank you so much to Will for collaborating with me for Draw A Dot. and I am in love with each piece he did for this series. As an audience, I really hope to see more amazing works from him, and maybe he would like to work on Givenchy Elements: Women in the future? Time will tell!

I hope you enjoy this series as much as I do!


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