Illustration.Files: Jonathan Saunders F/W 2014 by Tanya Kancheva

I have been in contact with Tanya Kancheva for awhile now, and recently she just nailed a task I gave her!


During the F/W 2014 London Fashion Week, Jonathan Saunders was one of the collections that stuck in my mind the most. Because of that, I asked Tanya if she could illustrate a series based on this great collection. The result you see right here is absolutely amazing. I like how Tanya really focused on the garments and had the watercolour background (with a hint of the colour associated to the particular piece) to bring them out. The faceless head created a mysterious vibe, which will possibly become her unique illustration edge if she continues to pursuit this fashion illustration path.

When I asked Tanya why she picked these 3 particular pieces for this series, that’s what she said,

“I was attracted by thees three key outfits of Jonathan Saunders A/W 2014 collection because they have a bold, bright look with pretty big geometric elements.The big volume, the wide shoulder and the “O” silhouette of the garments, which are the typical elements of the late 1980’s, make these outfits remarkable and timeless. I love the way Jonathan combined the contrast colors – light lemon with black, burgundy with orange, purple with beige. And of course, I also love the combination of materials – elegant patchwork effect combined with layers of leather, silk and sheer organza.”

So, what do you think of these illustrations? I personally would love to see more works from her in this style, so maybe Paris Fashion Week will be my next assignment for her?


Tanya-Kancheva-Jonathan-Saunders-Fall-2014-3Courtesy of Tanya Kancheva


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