Curated.Works: From Runway To Sketch: Milan F/W 2014 – Day 1 by Domenico Cordua

“I want to make art that goes unnoticed, a wound that appears like a scrape” – D.Cordua

For this F/W 2014 Milan Fashion Week, I have invited Domenico Cordua to pick some of his favourite collections and illustrate one look from each of them. Instead of me giving comments on each piece, I have decided to let him tell us his feelings about each look/ collection.

Domenico-Cordua-Fausto-Puglisi-Fall-2014Fausto Puglisi
“Nice harmony. Somehow there is a balance between the geometric shapes and colour. The skirt is a cubist psychedelic mix and it will be prefect for an 80’s night.” 

I personally really like Domenico‘s Spaghettyne characters because they are fun and unique. If you stare at them longer, you might feel like they are actually bouncing back and forth, or up and down. Now, let’s see what he has to say about these 4 collections! 

Domenico-Cordua-Francesco-Scognamiglio-Fall-2014Francesco Scognamiglio
“A dark creepy full-torso corsets is the key of this collection…It makes the models looks half human and half mannequin bodies.”

Domenico-Cordua-Just-Cavalli-Fall-2014Just Cavalli
“ROCK N ROLL!  Yeaaahhh!! Over and over, more and more, we don’t care because we just want to rock.”

“Honestly I don’t go often to McDonalds, I always feel bad after eating a burger. But I do love the gummy bear and this dress is so edible it fits more for my stomach.”
Courtesy of Domenico Cordua

About Domenico Cordua

Domenico Cordua is a young contemporary fine artist originally from Naples based in London. Like a mythological God, stranded on earth, Cordua fell from the kingdom of arts because of his curiosity of wanting to understand the universe. With a very critical eye, Cordua illustrates his interpretations of different aspects of life, on a deeply visionary and surrealistic level.

Afflicted and melancholic, he searches for answers to the puzzles of existence in this world of chaos in order to share his visions. As a deeply inspired artist, Cordua is influenced by his own experiences and emotions; dissatisfied by the society he represents in the form of irony.

Stay tuned for the next installment!


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