Curated.Works: From Runway To Sketch: New York F/W 2014 – Vera Wang

New York Fashion Week is finally over, but that does not mean Ewelina is done with this special project. In fact, there are two more sets to go and here is one of them. The illustrations below are inspired by Vera Wang F/W 2014 collection. Vera continues to create elegant pieces with a modern touch, and her prints are very beautiful in this collection. Aside from clothing, I am also in love with the accessories, as some of them are in insect shapes. If you are looking for mix & match inspirations, then this collection will be a good tool. The style of this illustrations are similar to the Prabal Gurung series. I like the negative space (white space) a lot, as it gives the chance for the viewers to complete the image with his/her own imagination. The limited use of colours actually makes these illustrations to be more appealing because they look very classy and modern. Ewelina-Dymek-Vera-Wang-Fall-2014-1 Here is what Ewelina has to say about this collection: “Vera Wang F/W 2014 collection creates a distinct moody and romantic atmosphere. Beautiful bejeweled insect necklaces and brooches perfectly match with both chiffon shirts and charcoal tartan coats. These elements of garment really catch my picky eyes and that’s why they are in the foreground in my illustrations.” Keep an eye on this site as Ewelina will release the last part of this collaboration within these 2 weeks!

Ewelina-Dymek-Vera-Wang-Fall-2014-2Courtesy of Ewelina Dymek


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