Curated.Works: The Orange Dot Project – Lisa Nishimura

The Orange Dot Project is finally coming to an end and today, we have Lisa Nishimura in the house!

This is an interesting piece as the music has inspired Lisa to create something related to the sea world. The model is like an electric angel and the jellyfish definitely reminds me of the beat of the song. She has also transformed the orange dot into a brain coral,which she thinks it represents my mind. Without a doubt, I think this is a very thoughtful piece.

Lisa-Nishimura-The-Orange-Dot-ProjectCourtesy of Lisa Nishimura

Here is what Lisa has to say about this illustration and the celebration message she has for Draw a Dot.!

“The music really inspired me for this piece; the beat reminded me of the hypnotic, pulsating movement of jellyfish. They are ethereal creatures and futuristic-looking at the same time which is what I wanted to translate into the illustration.

I want to wish Draw A Dot. a very happy 1st anniversary and continued success. It has become a source of inspiration and I am honoured to have been included in some projects since the very beginning.”

That’s a wrap! I want to thank all 4 illustrators for creating such beautiful illustrations to celebrate the 1st anniversary of Draw A Dot.! Keep an eye in January 2015 as I will continue this project with a new list of illustrators!


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