Curated.Works: The Orange Dot Project – Gerardo Larrea

It’s the 3rd week of Draw A Dot.‘s anniversary month and today, it’s time to show you the 3rd piece of The Orange Dot Project!

I have invited Gerardo Larrea to take part of this project, as I always love his “childish” illustration style. For this piece, he has illustrated a team of fashionable female guards protecting the orange dot. I like the futuristic vibe of it and the orange dot really stands out in this illustration.

Gerardo-Larrea-The-Orange-DotCourtesy of Gerardo Larrea

Let’s read what Gerardo has to say about this piece and Draw A Dot.! 

“When I was reading the instructions of this first anniversary project (the orange dot and the song), two questions came to my mind: What happen if the squad consists of all females? Instead of a destructive nuclear bomb, what about a rare orange globe that is a symbol of survival? To answer these 2 questions, I made a team of female squad (very cool and chic) and their duty is to protect the orange globe from any danger.

A very special greeting to Draw a Dot. and Marcus for the first anniversary! I have been accompanying Draw a Dot. since its first post and I am so glad to see the site has been growing with so many fans and the projects Marcus has been doing with different illustrators. I am sending Draw A Dot. some good vibes and a lot of energy. Of course, there will be more successful years to come!”

Next week, I will unveil the last piece of this anniversary project for this year. Stay tuned!


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