Curated.Works: The Orange Dot Project – Ben Liu

Last week I showed you the 1st piece of the Orange Dot Project and I hope you enjoyed the piece created by Helen Huang. Today, it’s time to show you the 2nd piece and it is done by one of my favourite illustrators last year – Ben Liu.

As you may remember from the last part, there are 2 rules for this project: the orange dot and one of Zedd‘s music called Stache. When I first looked at this illustration, I immediately thought of the song, as the bubble somehow reminded me of the beats. The girl looks very beautiful here and she reminds me of one of my friends in real life. Now, let’s read what Ben has to say about this piece and to Draw A Dot.!

Ben-Liu-Draw-A-Dot-The-Orange-Dot-ProjectCourtesy of Ben Liu

About the piece:
Every illustration begins with a dot.
Every life begins with a breath.
Take a breath,
Breathe a dot.

Words to Draw A Dot:
It was a magical encounter between Draw A Dot. and me, magic by our same passion: illustration. Thanks to it, my career as an illustrator progresses to a higher level. Thanks to it, I’ve met other excellent illustrator friends all over the world.

Thank you very much, Draw A Dot.! Happy Anniversary! XO

Stay tuned to see who is the next illustrator to celebrate Draw A Dot.’s 1st birthday!


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