Curated.Works: The Orange Dot Project – Helen Huang

This month marks (today to be the exact date) the 1st anniversary of Draw A Dot.! In order to celebrate this mini milestone, I have invited a few illustrators to each work on a piece based on 2 things: an orange dot and a music track.

As you know, the orange dot has become the symbol of this site, so using it as an element of the illustration is a very logical choice. Throughout 2013, I have been listening to Zedd’s Stache to give me inspirations on different projects, so this time I have decided to ask the illustrators to fill my shoes and see what they can come up with after listening to the song. Here is the first piece by Helen Huang.

Helen has been a long time collaborator with me before Draw A Dot. was even born. Having her to be the first illustrator to participate this project is a blessing, as she is also the first illustrator to start the holiday card series with me. I like this piece a lot as it is futuristic and I like the fact that the orange dot is acting like a shield here.

Courtesy of Helen Huang

Here is what Helen has to say about this illustration and her best wishes to Draw A Dot.!

“The inspiration behind this piece comes from the orange dot and techno music. The girl in a futuristic setting is looking through the orange shield which is a representation of Draw A Dot being a guidance and trendsetter in the fashion illustration field.

Draw A Dot is one year old! I am very impressed how much it’s grown. I love the wide range of art styles and the quality of these hand picked illustrations. It’s become a valuable source and trend setter for fashion illustrators and talents around the world. I cannot wait to see what’s coming in the coming year for Draw A Dot!”

Stay tuned for the next piece from this anniversary project!


4 thoughts on “Curated.Works: The Orange Dot Project – Helen Huang

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  2. Dear Helen Huang, (If you’re reading this)

    My name is Helena, and I am 11 years old. I adore your work and I found out about you by a
    book from the series Whatever After, written by Sarah Mlynowski. I am an artist too and I can draw by hand and on the internet. Sadly, my favorite drawing site closed down, deleting all my work. I would love to know where you do your work. If it is an app, I can’t do it, but if it is a site,
    I would be happy to know it’s address.

    Hoping you read this, Helena

    • Dear Helena,

      Thank you for your post! Glad to know you are also an artist! I draw by hand and on the computer. I use a software called Illustrator. It’s a fantastic tool for digital illustration. Maybe you will be able to use it in the future. Keep drawing and stay creative!

      Best wishes, Helen

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