Illustration.Files: F/W 2013 Footwear by Carolyn Weber

For the latest issue of Milk X, the magazine has commissioned 2 illustrators to create some F/W 2013 realistic footwear illustrations. 2 days ago, I showed you the series created by Lidia Luna, and now it’s Carolyn Weber‘s turn.


I personally like these illustrations a lot as they are very realistic. Aside from that, I also find a soft vibe from them, which is a bit different than how I feel about Lidia‘s footwear illustrations (her works are bolder and sharper). My favourite piece is the Fendi‘s boots, as Carolyn has really brought out the texture of the product with her amazing illustration skills.

What do you think?

Carolyn-Weber-Tabitha-Simmons-Fall-2013Tabitha Simmons

Carolyn-Weber-Tods-Fall-2013 Tods

Carolyn-Weber-Vivienne-Westwood-Fall-2013Vivienne Westwood
Courtesy of Carolyn Weber


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