Curated.Works: Accessorize Me – Christian Dior S/S 2014

Natalia Jhete and I finally have the chance to collaborate on a new illustration project and this series is definitely a unique one. Unlike the previous projects I have done before, this one actually merges photography and illustration together to give you a fun visual experience.

For this series, Natalia has picked some of the most iconic S/S 2014 accessories and pair them with her own illustrated figures. The first one is from Christian Dior and I personally think this is one of the most beautiful heels in this season. The composition is great and I feel like the heel is acting like the garden for the Dior girl to explore.

Courtesy of Natalia Jhete

Here is what Natalia has to say about this piece and the inspiration behind this project.

“With whimsical flowers and a beautiful palette, Dior spring 2014 shoe collection is the inspiration behind this pixie-esq mini series. Many of the shoes strutting down the Dior runway this season looked like miniature gardens. After taking a closer look at these “flowery foot sculptures”, a door opened up for me to view these accessories in a very different way…. as environments, sculpture, or something to interact with.”

What do you think of this series? Stay tuned for part 2!


2 thoughts on “Curated.Works: Accessorize Me – Christian Dior S/S 2014

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