Curated.Works: The Face Palette – Jason Wu F/W 2013

The third part of The Face Palette is finally here, and this time, Carolyn Weber has decided to illustrate the makeup look from Jason Wu F/W 2013 collection.

This is actually one of the most memorable makeup looks in the F/W 2013 season. I like the cat eye a lot and the indigo colour is very refreshing. The daises add a nice touch to the drawing, as they somehow give me a very calm and peaceful vibe. There is also a bottle of nail polish at the right bottom corner, and I think it is a great complement to the eye shadow.

Carolyn-Weber-Jason-Wu-Fall-2013Courtesy of Carolyn Weber

Here is what Carolyn has to say about this piece:

“The inspiration behind this look was taken from the colored eyeshadows of the 1970’s. Lindsey‘s look is so sweet and innocent, it reminded me of the 70’s flower child, which is where the daisies come in. The nail polish was to add another element but I wanted it to be some sort of beauty related product. I chose nail polish because I like the effect of drawing the glass bottle and the different layers within it. Nail polish also is a form of freedom of expression which I felt related back to the whole freedom mentality of the 70’s.”

Stay tuned as we will unveil the last piece of this series soon. Can you guess which brand we are picking?


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