Curated.Works: The Hidden Memories – Dolce & Gabbana F/W 2013

Today, it’s time to unveil yet another amazing Draw A Dot. WITH series. I am a big fan of Sunny Gu‘s works and finally, we have decided to work on a small project specifically for Draw A Dot..

In this series, Sunny and I are going to pick some of the best F/W 2013 accessories and create scenes based on the vibe of each collection. For the first illustration, we have picked the famous crown and the necklace from the Dolce & Gabbana F/W 2013 collection. The 2 accessory pieces have turned into a beautiful frame and captured the moment when the Dolce & Gabbana girl is playing with her favourite pets – the leopards. I find this illustration to be very stunning and it really captures the regalness of the lady. Also, I can see that Sunny‘s illustration skill has once again evolved as her composition skill has really blown me away with this piece.

Sunny-Gu-Dolce-and-Gabbana-Fall-2013Courtesy of Sunny Gu

Here is what Sunny has to say about this piece:

This illustration was inspired by Dolce & Gabbana RTW F/W 2013 collection. I especially love this season’s outfits and they are meant to fit for a queen (a Byzantine empress). Every Dolce & Gabbana girl looks very confident, majestic, and empowered. In this piece, I wanted to portray the girl as the queen of her world.  I painted a pair of leopards to accompany her because they are very mysterious and fascinating animals. Leopards have held the court with kings and queens in myth, legend, art and literature from ancient times to this day. They feel like the perfect companions for the Dolce & Gabbana queen. I also wish to highlight the golden crowns, beautiful accessories, meticulously crafted dress that made out of mosaic beadings and crystal gems.”

Stay tuned as I will show you the 2nd piece of this illustration series some time soon!


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