Illustration.Files: Once Upon A Time Portraits by Adam Osgood

Since I like fairytales a lot, it’s no secret that I am a big fan of the show Once Upon A Time. Recently I have come across Adam Osgood‘s works and this particular series has caught my complete attention.

Captain Hook

I like Adam‘s style a lot because he knows how to draw the eyes to capture the viewer’s attention. He has also successfully captured the essence of each character and I particular like his version of Captain Hook.

Based on these illustrations, I would love to see him creating a series about fashion designers in the future. It should be very interesting to see his version of Karl Lagerfeld, right?

Regina, The Evil Queen

Adam-Osgood-Once-Upon-A-Time-3 Rumpelstiltskin

August Booth

Adam-Osgood-Once-Upon-A-Time-5 Red Riding Hood

Adam-Osgood-Once-Upon-A-Time-6 Mulan

Adam-Osgood-Once-Upon-A-Time-7 Snow White

Courtesy of Adam Osgood


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