Curated.Works: The Face Palette – Prada F/W 2013

Last month, Carolyn Weber and I have started the new series called the Face Palette and after showing you the Givenchy F/W 2013 piece, we now go to Milan and show you this Prada look!

Carolyn-Weber-The-Face-Palette-Prada-Fall-2013Courtesy of Carolyn Weber

I personally find this gloss wet look to be very interesting. At some point in the runway show, I feel like the girl is an android because of the makeup and hair. The above illustration, however, gives me a different perception. In here, the girl looks vulnerable and elegant. Here is what Carolyn has to say about this piece:

“The styling for this look was first inspired by the hair. The high gloss wet look reminded me of the ocean and mermaids. The red wine stained lip feel and nude eyeshadow, paired with the waves of the hair brought on a 1920’s vibe. It feels very flapper-esque to me. The champagne coupe is meant to represent this time period, while the shells give hints at mermaid symbolism, and the pearls incorporate both.”

Please stay tuned on this site as we will unveil the 3rd look in November.


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