Illustration.Files: In The Heart Of The Multitude

If you have visited à la mode to read my review on the Prada S/S 2014 collection, you should remember there was an art exhibition during the runway show. In here, I want to get deeper in this “In The Heart Of The Multitude” project.


Prada has invited muralists Miles “El Mac” Gregor, Mesa, Gabriel Specter, Stinkfish, and illustrators Jeanne Detallante and Pierre Mornet to be part of this artistic project (a collaboration among Prada, AMO, and 2×4 design firm). The idea is actually inspired by the political wall art from Mexican muralists such as Diego Rivera, David Alfaro Siqueiros, and José Clemente Orozco. In this project, the artworks created by the artists are all related to these themes: femininity, representation, power, and multiplicity. The main message behind this project is actually very simple: Miuccia Prada wants to let you know that “creative energy [that] can only happen when everyone is physically working together in one space”.

Below are just a glimpse of the project and I am in love with the artworks. Some of them are very colourful, while some contain a very mysterious vibe. I hope these artworks will be stored in the Prada headquarters, as I hope one day I would travel to Milan and see these beautiful pieces!

For more information about this project, please visit the Prada site.

Prada-In-The-Heart-Of-The-Multitude-El-Mac El Mac

Prada-In-The-Heart-Of-The-Multitude-Gabriel-SpecterGabriel Specter

Jeanne Deltallante

Prada-In-The-Heart-Of-The-Multitude-Mesa MESA

Pierre Mornet

Courtesy of Prada


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