Illustration.Files: Christian Dior Resort 2013 by Alexandre Korobov

I know many of my readers are still trying to get into the fashion illustration industry and some of you may start out by copying runway or look book images. In order to make your illustration to stand out from the crowd, sometimes all you need to do is to add a little element to them. Here is an example.


These illustrations are created by Alexandre Korobov and they are based on the Christian Dior Resort 2013 collection. I think the artist has great illustration skill and what has really attracted my eyes is the tint of pink. He has added this colour to show the romantic vibe of the collection (if you look at look book images, you will find they are less colorful than the illustrations). This is a very good way to get your works stand out from the crowd.

Do these 2 illustrations inspire you?

Alexandre-Korobov-Christian-Dior-Resort-2013-2Courtesy of Alexandre Korobov


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