Swide.Archives: Superheroes Project – Marvel Comics

If you know me in person, you should realize I am a comic book nerd. Few months ago, Swide asked me if I would work on a project based on Superheroes from both the DC and Marvel Universe, and my answer was yes!

For this project, I have decided to invite 2 illustrators to dress some of our favourite super heroes in Dolce & Gabbana S/S 2013 collection. Each artist has a unique illustration style, but they both have this pop art flare in common. Today, it’s my honour to bring you Peter McNierney‘s version of Marvel Universe.


I love Peter‘s minimalist illustration style and it works very well with the Marvel characters. In my mind, I always feel the Marvel Superheroes to be very clean cut and smooth, and these illustrations are very similar to my vision. The Storm piece is probably my favourite because it really shows the bold vibe of the character.

Please visit Swide to read what Peter thinks about this project and the challenges he had when working on the pieces. Stay tuned as I will unveil the DC Universe series soon!

Peter-McNierney-Dolce-and-Gabbana-Spring-2013-Captain-America Captain America

Peter-McNierney-Dolce-and-Gabbana-Spring-2013-Storm-X-Men Storm

Courtesy of Peter McNierney


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