Curated.Works: Marc vs Marc – Marc Jacobs S/S 2012

Last month, I showed you the first part of Marc vs Marc series featuring Marc Jacobs and Louis Vuitton F/W 2011 collections and the response was very positive. Today, it’s time to show you the 2nd part of this series.

Velwyn-Yossy-Marc-Jacobs-Spring-2012Courtesy of Velwyn Yossy

S/S 2012 is the season both Velwyn and I have picked for the next comparison. We  like the collections a lot and think they are both whimsical in a very different way. The above one is the Marc Jacobs S/S 2012 collection and when I first saw the collection, Rosie the Riveter poster immediately came to my mind. The collection was edgy because of the use of plastic materials and the bandanas created a very bold vibe for the Marc Jacobs’ girl. Now let’s see what Velwyn has to say about this collection and the piece.

What do you think about this Marc Jacobs S/S 2012 collection? Why are you attracted to this particular look?
The clothes definitely have a 20’s jazzy vibe and other mix of different eras like the 50’s style bandanas and dresses. I think the materials are interesting, particularly the use of plastic films like cellophane and silicone. I also really enjoy the contrast between the matte and the shimmery glossy texture.

I am attracted to this particular look because I really like the minimal design and the minty pastel color. It is casual and sporty yet still feminine. And since I got this airy vibe from the collection, I thought why don’t I just make the girl float in the illustration!

Stay tuned on Thursday as I will show you the Louis Vuitton S/S 2012 illustration and we can see the similarities between these 2 collections.


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