Curated.Works: Givenchy Elements – Fall 2012

Do you remember I showcased William Blower’s S/S 2012 Givenchy illustration some time ago on this site? In that post, I said that I would love to collaborate with him on a Draw A Dot. WITH series and today, it’s time to unveil this project!

For this series, we are going back to the Givenchy archives and look at some iconic elements created by Riccardo Tisci. William has picked the F/W 2012 collection as the first piece, and as you may recall, the F/W 2012 season is all about beads, stars and nose rings. Aside from this illustration, I have also asked William 2 questions related to this stunning collection.

Will-Blower-Givenchy-Fall-2012Courtesy of William Blower

What do you think of this collection? Do you have a particular look you like the most in this collection?
I really like the strong graphic elements of this collection. The stars and stripes combined with the stark colour palette make it all look like a warped american flag. I don’t have a favourite look, but I always love the Givenchy pieces that use religious imagery.

Which piece of accessory in this collection is your favouritet? Why?
My favourite accessory is definitely the nose rings. I remember seeing them in every menswear editorial when the collection came out and I couldn’t wait to use them in an illustration. I love that they’re at the same time delicate and aggressive.

Stay tuned for our next Givenchy Elements illustration piece!


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