Illustration.Files: Portugal Fashion F/W 2013 by António Soares (Part 2)

After showing you the F/W 2013 fashion illustrations by António Soares last week, I am sure  you now have some ideas on the Portugese fashion industry. Today, I am going to show you 3 more pieces to expand your fashion knowledge.

Antonio-Soares-Nuno-Gama-Fall-2013Nuno Gama

As mentioned before, these illustrations are commissioned by Portugese Soul magazine and they look extremely beautiful. I really like the “simplicity” of these illustrations and the white space clearly gives us room for our imagination to complete each piece.

What do you think of these 3 brands and illustrations?

Antonio-Soares-Luis-Buchinho-Fall-2013-2 Luis Buchinho

Antonio-Soares-Marques-Almeida-Fall-2013Marques Almeida
Courtesy of António Soares


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