Illustration.Files: Suprematic Collection by Kai Karenin

Not a lot of artists can produce exceptionally well done illustration series based on models, but today, Kai Karenin‘s Suprematic Collection blow my mind.

Kai-Karenin-Supermatic-Sean-O-PrySean O’Pry

This series is based on some top male models in the world and each of them has a full body and portrait illustration. I like how Kai uses geometric shapes to create these illustrations and the black and white effect makes the models look very bold and masculine. My favourite one is the Sean O’Pry piece but you should definitely visit Kai’s website to see the complete series. It’s breathtaking!

Kai-Karenin-Supermatic-Clement-Chabernaud Clement Chabernaud

Kai-Karenin-Supermatic-David-Gandy David Gandy

Kai-Karenin-Supermatic-Garrett-Neff Garrett Neff

Kai-Karenin-Supermatic-Martin-Pichler Martin Pichler

Kai-Karenin-Supermatic-Simon-NessmanSimon Nessman
Courtesy of Kai Karenin


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