Curate.Works: Soul Voyage – Part 9 (Final)

I am sure for the past 2 months, you have been following the Soul Voyage series, and today, it is time to draw an end with this stunning illustration.

Roberto Sanchez Louis Vuitton Fall 2013Lamont and Valerie in Louis Vuitton F/W 2013 Collection
Courtesy of Roberto Sánchez

Here is the last part of the story:

“The enchanted forest and the mountain are actually the same location, but in a different dimension. People are allowed to transport to a new dimension but the rule is, if one enters the new world, someone from that world will have to enter the old world. Will Lamont and Valerie ever have a chance to get back to their own worlds? It will depend if both of them have the same idea of going back to the original worlds at the same time…”

The story has finally come to an end and I am very happy to be part of this collaboration project. If you look at this above gif closely, you will be able to see an abstract LV logo embedded in it (2 actually). Now, it’s time for you to read what Roberto has to say about this project.

“When I first started conceptualizing the whole series with Marcus, I couldn’t help but feeling overly excited about it. As I looked through the menswear looks and the inspiration behind them, a lot of ideas started to pop up in my mind. I had to figure out a way to transport the images in my head in the aesthetic that most matched the whole collection’s vibe. It’s been quite a while since the series started and now that it’s finished and we can see all the pieces glued together to form an interesting story.

I enjoyed the whole process, experimenting with the atmospheres and the composition of the looks in this particular project. The way the story was told definitely contributed quite positively in the execution of the idea, and the parallel story plot hooked me right away. The experience was a creative ‘voyage’.” – Roberto Sánchez

Do you want to see another collaboration from us in the future? If so, leave us a message! We hope you enjoy this series!


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