Illustration.Files: Marc by Marc Jacobs F/W 2013 by Foivi Spyridonos

Foivi Spyridonos has recently done a mock up illustration for Marc by Marc Jacobs F/W 2013 campaign and it is a very interesting piece of art.

Foivi-Spyridonos-Marc-by-Marc-Jacobs-Fall-2013Courtesy of Foivi Spyridonos 

The symmetric composition is what caught my eyes when I first looked at this illustration. The left side of the image is mirroring the right side (and vice versa) and each girl has a different outfit from the latest collection. I always love Foivi‘s girls because their eyes are constantly covered by their hair to crete a very mysterious vibe.

I wonder if the Marc Jacobs‘ team will use it for the Marc Jacobs Facebook Fanpage one day. If this is going to happen, I bet all illustrators will start to create more interesting works for the brand. Maybe this can be possible?


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