Illustration.Files: Fashion Illustrations by Yuriy Ratush

Yuriy Ratush is an illustrator I came across few days ago and I immediately fell in love with his fashion illustrations.

Yuriy-Ratush-Ellie-SaabElie Saab

These fashion illustrations may not be from the current collection, but they are very striking and surreal. The Elie Saab piece is my favourite here because of the composition and colour combination. At this current moment, I just want to see more fashion works from  Yuriy!

Yuriy-Ratush-Armani Armani

Yuriy-Ratush-Balenciaga Balenciaga

Yuriy-Ratush-Gucci Gucci

Yuriy-Ratush-Issey-MiyakeIssey Miyake
Courtesy of Yuriy Ratush


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