Illustration.Files: Oman the Cat in S/S 2013 Collections

Here is a little secret I want to share with you today. Lately, I have been obsessed with Olga the Cat because of her amazing high fashion wardrobe. Apparently there is a male version as well and his name is Oman. Recently, he has done a collaboration with L’Officiel Homme Singapore and here are the illustrations.

Ridhwan-Sesapar-OMAN-Gucci-Versace-Spring-2013Gucci (left), Versace (right)

Ridhwan Sesapar, the mastermind behind Olga and Oman, has dressed this male cat in some of the iconic looks of the S/S 2013 season. I think the fashion outfits really suit the character, especially the Thom Browne piece. Overall, the series is very playful and cute. If Oman had a chance to meet Fifi Lapin one day, I wonder what their conversation would be. Can someone make this happen?

Ridhwan-Sesapar-OMAN-Thom-Browne-Givenchy-Spring-2013 Givenchy (left), Thom Browne (right)

Ridhwan-Sesapar-OMAN-Salvatore-Feraggamo-Rick-Owens-Spring-2013 Salvatore Feraggamo (left), Rick Owens (right)

Ridhwan-Sesapar-OMAN-Vivienne-Westwood-Alexis-Mabille-Spring-2013Vivienne Westwood (left), Alexis Mabille (right)
Courtesy of Ridhwan Sesapar


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