Curated.Works: Soul Voyage – Part 6

Now that Valerie is in front of the door, is she going to open the door? This chapter will continue the Soul Voyage series.

roberto-sanchez-soul-voyage-louis-vuitton-women-fall-2013-2Valerie in Louis Vuitton F/W 2013 Collection
Courtesy of Roberto Sánchez

Valerie uses the key to unlock the door and enters into the room. She is very surprised her grandfather has such a magical room because it is an enchanted forest. All the plants in this place are glowing and shooting stars are continuously popping up in the sky. She does not understand why her grandfather never brought her to this room as it is so pretty and peaceful. Then, she realizes she has walked too deep into the forest that she can no longer find the door back home.”

Come back next week to continue Valerie‘s adventure. The story is just getting started!


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