Illustration.Files: Celebrity Couples

I came across Jen Hancock‘s portfolio yesterday and I was immediately fell in love with this series.

Jen-Hancock-Celebrity-Couples-1Anne Hathaway in Valentino 

This series is for the summer issue of MilkX Magazine and is all about celebrity weddings.   I like Jen‘s whimsical illustration style as these illustrations remind me of fairy tales. My favourite piece is the Beckhams portrait as Victoria looks so fine in the Vera Wang wedding gown.

Please visit this link to see the entire series.

Jen-Hancock-Celebrity-Couples-2 David Beckham in Antonio Berardi and Victoria Beckham in Vera Wang

Jen-Hancock-Celebrity-Couples-3 Prince William in Russell Kashket and Kate Middelton in Alexander McQueen

Jen-Hancock-Celebrity-Couples-4 Grace Kelly in Helen Rose

Jen-Hancock-Celebrity-Couples-5Courtesy of Jen Hancock


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