Curated.Works: Soul Voyage – Part 5

In April, I showed you my collaboration series with Roberto Sánchez and it was inspired by the Louis Vuitton F/W 2013 menswear collection. Today, it’s time to unleash the 2nd part of this series and we are going to meet a girl named Valerie. I promise you will want to follow this story in these 2 weeks.

roberto-sanchez-soul-voyage-louis-vuitton-women-fall-2013-1Valerie in Louis Vuitton F/W 2013 Collection
Courtesy of Roberto Sánchez

“Not long ago, Valerie‘s grandfather passed away and he left her with a key to a magical room in his mansion. He never told her what’s inside the room but once warned her that it can transport people to another dimension, and the person will never come back. Now Valerie is in front of the room’s door. Since the person she loves the most is now dead, she has decided to unlock this mystery.”

To be continued…


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