Illustration.Files: Prada S/S 2013 by Velwyn Yossy

I believe Prada is one of the most iconic collections in this S/S 2013 season and many illustrators have created some interesting artworks based on it. Today, I discovered this amazing art piece by Velwyn Yossy.

Velwyn-Yossy-Prada-Spring-2013Courtesy of Velwyn Yossy

This illustration is clean, with a very romantic vibe. I like how Velwyn uses those red flowers as the background as I feel like the girl is now inside a beautiful garden in the night time. Truthfully, if Velwyn can illustrate a Prada S/S 2013 menswear illustration that can repsond to this piece, I am sure the story will be more complete. At this moment, I am just wondering what the Prada girl is thinking in this illustration.


3 thoughts on “Illustration.Files: Prada S/S 2013 by Velwyn Yossy

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