Curated.Works: Dance WITH Hello Claire! (Part 3)

It’s almost the end of this Dance series and today, I am happy to show you Claire‘s interpretation of Miu Miu and Zac Posen! I personally am a huge fan of the Miu Miu piece as it truly reflects the vibe of the collection.

Miu Miu S/S 2013


What type of dance can you associate this collection with?
Compared to some of the other collections that inspired me, Miu Miu‘s pieces felt a little more dramatic, which let me envision a much more commanding dance pose. This collection was really inspiring to me, especially the vibrant use of deep reds. A lot of my work is inspired by heroines. As much power as this collection exudes, I think a heroine would certainly wear Miu Miu‘s pieces.

What’s your first reaction when you saw this collection? Which piece was your favorite?
The use of blacks in Miu Miu‘s collection didn’t necessarily ring of springtime to me, but the application of neutrals and vibrant reds made for a very original and memorable collection. The piece I illustrated was by far my most favorite from the whole collection. The contrast of the red and gray, in addition to the volume from the fur and coat left a very strong impression.

Zac Posen S/S 2013

Hello-Claire-Thompson-Zac-Posen-Spring-2013Courtesy of Hello Claire

What type of dance can you associate this collection with?
Zac Posen‘s collection reminded me of vintage silk dresses and scarves. My favorite piece was the gray cocktail dress. It had so much movement in it, so naturally it was easy for me to think of the perfect dance. I envisioned a night out on the town with friends in Manhattan; dinner, cocktails, and dancing. Can’t forget the pumps, either!

What’s your first reaction when you saw this collection? Which pieces were your favorites?
I was captured at first by his use of color. A colorful collection always gets me excited to sketch fashion, Another one of my favorite pieces was a white strapless gown. The flowers coming up at the bottom reminded me of watercolor. I appreciate splashes of color and details in a collection, and Zac Posen‘s line was nothing short of that.

Aside from these 6 illustrations, there is actually a bonus file of this series and it’s an original artwork of Claire. If you want to see it, you will have to come back to this site on Thursday. Stay tuned!


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